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Professional service with a personal touch

Some people are more comfortable with big web design agency whereas others prefer a more personal touch. If you’re the second type, then you’re in the right place.

You might not know this yet, but for any business, and particularly a small business, the process of creating a website will push you out of your comfort zone.

You’ll need to think about your business from your customers’ point of view and often in completely different ways than you have before. You’ll have to do some big thinking, to find the elusive words that describe how your offering is unique and to blend them with the ones your customers are using to search for the thing you sell in the first place.

You’ll have to get clear about where your business is actually headed and how you can leverage your new website to be the stand-out choice more often than not.

I’m not sure I can quantify how Sandy’s advice has impacted my business! Through many discussions with her during my website build, I’ve been able to narrow down the exact traits which make my business ‘me’ (or maybe it’s the other way around?!). That’s led to a laser-focused business and marketing plan, and the value I deliver to my clients and readers now is not only miles better, but it comes so naturally that I always feel like I’m working in my ‘zone of genius’!
Emily Rhodes

Steam Oven Recipe Developer, Steam & Bake

I tend to attract a particular type of client

My clients are usually between forty and eighty (yes, that’s right) years old with an even mix of men and women.

They’re usually smart people who either have an existing business or are in the process of starting one up.

They’re from different walks of life and different industries but the common thread is that until now, they haven’t had a reason to think much about digital marketing.

I tend to create a particular type of website

I create websites with all sorts of different looks and layouts, but most of them could be described as clean and easy to understand.

Some of them are plain information sites and others can do things, like take enquiries, take bookings, take money or sell things.

All of them are designed to convert, which means to remove all possible obstacles between someone discovering you and them wanting to throw fistfuls of money in your direction. Without being pushy and without sounding like a know-it-all.

Some examples of my work

Farmer Jacks Supermarkets Perth
The Fasting Highway
Replenish Online
Steam and Bake
WANTFA Conferences
National Women's Fitness Academy
Australian Cylinder Services
Cal Chikwendu Copywriter
Giddyup Nets
Liz Green Copywriter
Moore Mowing
Skooleez Website
Farmer Jacks Supermarkets Perth
Kalamunda Artisan Market
The Fasting Highway
Replenish Online
Steam and Bake
WANTFA Conferences
National Women's Fitness Academy
Australian Cylinder Services
Cal Chikwendu Copywriter
Giddyup Nets
Liz Green Copywriter
Moore Mowing
Skooleez Website
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Your comment about what it was like to interact with me influenced the theme for my website – I was struggling with this and would never have thought of it without your insight. You took my disconnected concepts about my website design and developed a website that reflects the experience of working with me.
Liz Green


Has your content been written or reviewed by an experienced SEO Copywriter?

A website is only as good as the words on the page. I often get web design referrals from within my network of copywriter friends, because they know I put a high priority on ensuring that the site is created with best SEO practice in mind. On projects like this, they write the copy and I create the site.

What you’ll get from me
With every website project you get:

  • A strategy session to establish the goals of the business and how your website can get you closer to achieving them.
  • A new WordPress website, optimised for mobile.
  • A premium, professional theme, with developer updates until the site is live.
  • Automated backup to your website hosting account.
  • Security to protect the site.
  • Caching to improve speed.
  • Google Analytics & Google/webmaster setup and customisation to enable you to see who is visiting your site.
  • Two rounds of revisions after delivery after first draft.
  • 30 days of support after the site has been launched.


Optional extras
  • Domain names from $12 per year
  • Web hosting from $105 per year
  • Security certificates from $60 per year
  • SEO Copywriting > see packages
  • Additional functionality
    • on-line shop
    • booking system
    • event management system
    • membership system

In a nutshell, everything you could possibly need to get online and grooving down with Google.

Small Business


I don’t only work with small businesses

If you’re a not-for-profit, medium sized business or government organisation, get in touch for a chat or a customised quote

Choosing a Web Designer?
Every website project includes the following functions.:

  • Project Management
  • Web Strategy/User Interface/User Experience Architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Web Development/Programming

In an agency or corporate environment, these roles would be assumed by different people or teams of people who do only that.

For most small businesses, agency pricing would blow the budget sky high, so what’s the alternative ?

A small business specialist

You obviously need someone who can do all these things (or has people who can do those things for them) but more importantly, you need someone who can put themselves in your shoes and suggest solutions that are appropriate for a small business, both in terms of cost and manpower to maintain.

I’m not suggesting you think small, you should think HUGE and make sure that anyone who is advising you, has the tools to help you get there.

But how do you know if they do ? How do you know if you’re talking the right person ?

For a start, are they listening ?

80% of my clients report having previously felt enormous frustration at not being listened to and having trouble getting hold of their “website person”.

Are you their target market ?

My niche is small business owners who are inexperienced at web development.  I don’t work for big business because I don’t want to. My skills in each of the key areas required to produce a website, are at the level required to produce an excellent website for a small business.

I don’t particularly want to generalise into just copywriting or design.  I like the variety involved in a small business website and my background is in small business management, an area that I get pretty excited about.

Are they the cheapest price you could find ?

If so, step away, then run. We all want to save money, and in a small business there are heaps of things you can save money on, that won’t compromise the overall result of a website. Use the cheapest domain name provider you can find, the most cost effective hosting provider that offers a reliable 24/7 helpdesk and the most reasonably priced fonts and images available.

Why should I spend more money than I have to ?

A professional theme, the best copywriter you can afford and an organised and efficient designer to put it all together will get you a long way towards your dream of a website you will love and that will do its job of getting money in the bank.


You’ve looked at my portfolio and pondered my prices.

If you think I might be the one to help you realise your dream of a website for your beautiful business, get in touch and I’ll respond pronto.

I’m very gentle with my clients and very rarely bite.

The effect Sandy has had on my business has been profound! She has an amazing ability to extract information from my head and put it into words. Time spent with Sandy has changed my perception of myself from being ‘just a bookkeeper’ to ‘a business owner’. She has empowered me to recognise my own worth and use this to empower others and I’ll always be grateful to her for that.


On a steep learning curve?

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