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It’s a whole new ball game

The world around us isn’t the same as it was 3, 4 or 5 years ago and we’re not the same people that we were before the pandemic turned our lives upside down. Every apocalyptic event – which is what the pandemic was – makes way for new ecosystems and opportunities.

If that’s what the catalyst for your business idea, service or product was, then part of your challenge is to reframe the context that your idea exists in.

Need help from someone who’s not as close to your idea as you are?

When you’ve conceived and incubated an idea, there’s no doubt that you are the expert on its intricacies. But you are probably the worst possible choice to objectively set the scene that will make its value and relevance obvious to its intended audience.

It takes someone with vision and enough distance from the project to consider its appeal objectively and imagine how its intended audience will feel about it.

Who’s used to moving quickly and cost-effectively

Unless your last name is Musk or Murdoch or you’re lucky enough to have a generous benefactor, it’s likely that you may not have Ogilvie on retainer to help you craft your marketing message or at least not until you know what you’re aiming for.

Maybe you work for local government or an organisation who is under pressure to meet the changing sentiments of its client base, but your marketing department has run out of ideas from the “that’s how we’ve always done it” box.

Maybe you’ve found a web designer or copywriter to help you with your digital marketing campaign or you’re DIY’ing in the meantime, but neither you nor they can get your heads around how to explain how awesome your idea is or how you’re going to get people as excited about it as you are?

Who thinks out of the box and thinks big

What I’m good at is seeing patterns, thinking big and saying what needs to be said with diplomacy and tact. I’m a lateral thinker who lives at the intersection of words, numbers, ideas and emotions.

One of my first jobs was in the treasury of an investment bank where the numbers were really big and the egos even bigger, so I’m not easily intimidated by audacious ideas and personalities.

In my spare time I listen to podcasts on behavioural economics and global issues hosted by economists like Steven Levitt, journalists like Stephen Dubnor and advertising executives like Rory Sutherland.

For fun, I write articles that re-frame issues I dream of being able to do something about. Big issues with barriers that mostly only exist in our minds.

My distaste for corporate and beaurecratic nonsense attracted me to small business clients where I’ve stayed for the last 8 years, but recent opportunities have enabled me to work with clients who have a bigger reach.

This has gotten me hooked on the exciting concept of being able to be part of the change that I want to see in the world and to find an outlet for all the enthusiasm I feel for the possibilities that are currently moving into view for us. Currently, my poor husband and friends have to listen to me rabbit on about this stuff, so as a courtesy to them, I’m now on the lookout for people who actually want to hear about how we can move the needle on important topics, in small, incremental ways.

It only takes one small pebble to make a ripple in a massive lake

Who’s across most aspects of digital marketing

I’m a web designer, SEO copywriter and marketing strategist.

I’m interested in getting things done not just running the meter up, so my services are suited to anyone who needs practical, objective help to get things moving fast.

I’m happy to help with just marketing strategy and messaging or if you can’t find a web designer or who shares your excitement for your complex or out-of-left-field idea, I can help you with that too.

Whatever it takes to get the significance of your amazing idea seen and understood by the right people – whether that’s an MVP website to gauge interest or take enquires, a proposal to attract funding or social media posts to start getting traction.

Once your concept is framed correctly, you’ll be, as they say, off to the races.

Stop procrastinating and start moving

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