WordPress Website Care Plans

Because a new website isn’t just for Christmas

Like a seedling planted in a brand new pot on the patio, at the time it’s launched, your website is gorgeous, healthy and full of promise.

But like the seedling, if you forget about your website and leave it to its own devices, it would hardly be surprising if you came back to find it floundering or completely withered and gone.

You will have invested a lot more time and money into your website than you will a seedling and a pot, so it makes sense to commit to a regular care plan, to ensure that your initial investment is protected.

Why your website needs a care plan

Website maintenance is a separate thing to the updates you may want to make to the content from time to time (words and pictures) and refers to:

  • regular updates to the WordPress core files to deal with security and compatibility issues
  • regular updates to the core plugins that we’ve installed to look after your site security, SEO, speed, contact forms etc. (plugins for additional functionality are excluded from this eg. bookings, events etc and would have been discussed with you at the time that your website was built)
  • regular updates to the theme files that determine how your site looks and works
  • regular backups of all your files that collectively make up your website, to a place separate from the one that your website lives in
  • regular SEO reports to see what traffic your site is getting and how you’re going on your keywords

When these things are done on a small business website about once a month, everything works smoothly and you don’t get any nasty surprises. When they’re neglected, it often ends up costing several hours worth of a web developers time to get the site back up and running again.

Your website was built in the most cost-effective way possible, so by default, all programs will have no ongoing costs. The exception to this is the theme (Divi by Elegant Themes), which you will have the most up-to-date version of at the time that your site goes live, but you’re not able to get updates to this unless I’m doing further work on your site, you have a maintenance plan in place or you purchase your own subscription and access updates that way.

A WordPress care plan takes care of all the above and includes:

  1. Monthly updates of all your website software, weekly off-site backups, monthly SEO reports – worth $2,400 a year if billed separately
  2. Premium versions the essential plugins that take care of security, SEO, speed on your site which include more than basic functionality – worth $250 a year if you take out your own personal subscriptions
  3. Continued access to updates to your theme files after the 30 day support period – worth $120 a year if you take out your own personal subscription
  4. Up to half an hour of technical support a month – worth $660 a year if billed separately

$3,430 a year’s value from just $60 plus GST per month

What you get for your money

All technical support or updates for websites NOT on one of our Website Care Plans will be charged at our standard rate with a one-hour minimum.

A website is a big investment for a small business

Make sure that you’re looking after your investment with regular maintenance service each month.


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