Design Perth
Design Perth
Your brand is more than your logo: it’s your colour palette, your persona, the way your writing comes across, the look and feel of your marketing materials.
This stuff isn’t just for the big boys, it’s a really low cost way for sole traders and small businesses to look like they know what they’re doing.

Want to know why ?

When you define your brand, you commit to the font you’ll use, the types of images you’ll use, the thinking behind the way you market your business. This gets written down and nailed to the notice board above your computer so that every time you create a new document to send out to a customer or post on social media, consistent formatting is used.

Consistency starts with appearance

Consistency of your brand and the delivery of your service/offering, sends a powerful message. It lets clients know that they can trust you because you’ve got a handle on the small stuff, so quite obviously the big stuff will be handled in the same way. Consistently.

It all starts with a lovable logo and a tantalising tagline.  Is that how you’d describe yours ?



Every new logo starts with a creative brief to help me understand a bit about your business and why you’re unique. I normally do this over the phone or in person so that I can ask questions as we go along.


I create a mood board of styles, colours and fonts for you to have a look at. Many people find it difficult to articulate what they want, but they know it when they see it.


You tell me what you liked in the mood board and I keep refining it until it looks like the logo you’ve been dreaming of.


Once you’re 100% happy with your new logo design, I will supply you with the graphic files you’ll need to use your logo on your new website. You will also get a style guide listing your brand colours and fonts, so that you can ensure everything you create is exactly on brand.

Total Lusciousness: $650 + GST